theroyalbreed FLICKS (HONG KONG)

theroyalbreed COLLECTIVE NOUN

Met Sam from the new UK brand Collective Noun at R2 (now officially my new favorite Roppongi spot) .  Nice collection of high end mens apparel and accessories for guys who have finally outgrown streetwear.  Finally.  All sourced and manufactured in the UK.  Did I mention Sam worked for Vivienne Westwood?

theroyalbreed KUMQUAT GALLERY

Kyoko manages the first Japanese gallery in Hong Kong, Kumquat Gallery on Hollywood Road. Great location with two floors showing contemoprary artist Yayoi Kusama. Come December we’re taking over with our block party and Hong Kong premiere for a very exciting artist.


Deep in the heart of industrial Hong Kong, actually Kowloon, lies the Start From Zero studio.  Their elevator reminds me of my old place in Berkeley…if you don’t get out before someone pushes the button on another floor, you get to look like an idiot when your neighbor walks in.

Be better than IKEA.

If a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind, what does an empty desk mean?

Something new for the streets.

How cool is it to have your own workshop on the roof?

theroyalbreed ODOYO

Spent some time with Miki, Ivan and Long at ODOYO and found out they’re on their way to becoming the next big player in the iPhone/iPad case market.  Their collaboration with lifestyle brand G.O.D. is a perfect juxtaposition of nostalgic Chinese design and contemporary creative packaging.

theroyalbreed NUMLOCK

Jonathan and Millian are behind the watch brand Numlock.  Fancy designs, eye catching colors, upcoming products…get excited.


“Those attending the Sevens are upper-middle class expatriate professionals, tourists and foreign-educated Chinese – people who are often seen as outsiders.” -Fermi Wong, Executive Director of Hong Kong Unison

theroyalbreed SHIRO

Hanging out with graffiti artist Shiro at Wired Cafe in Shibuya.  Those shades are for a charitable Save Japan project, which will accompany an upcoming photo shoot.  She’s doing a lot of amazing things and did you know she’s a licensed nurse?

Cool figure and yeah she’s also one of our Montana Cans customers.

theroyalbreed TERADA MOKEI

Awhile ago at the office of Terada Design Architects to chat with Naoki Terada, creator of Terada Mokei 1/100 Architectural Model Accessories Series. On the right are Nanao and Shoko who take care of the business side of things.

You know those amazing paper models of everyday life scenes…scissors, glue, and steady hands not included.

Plenty of Good Design Awards and

a model of his N Building in Tachikawa, which was creatively designed with QR Codes as a facade.

theroyalbreed FLICKS