We’re excited to announce Anthony Lister’s first solo exhibition in Asia at Kumquat Gallery on Hollywood Road.  Join us in Hong Kong on the 1st of December for the opening reception.  This will be followed by a live painting at Konzepp and an after party at Levels.  The exhibition will run until the 14th but if you cannot make it, feel free to get in touch through our website for a catalog of available works and limited edition releases.  You can also follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page to stay updated on everything leading to the opening.

Born in 1979 Anthony Lister is already regularly described as “Australia’s best contemporary artist.” In 2001, Lister completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Queensland College of the Arts. He helped pioneer the stencil and street art movement in Brisbane before moving to New York in 2003 to work with his mentor, Max Gimblett. In addition to a strong background in street art he employs a sophisticated, fine art, painterly style. High and low culture clash in the content of his paintings, drawings and installations – boorish superheroes, flirtatious ballet dancers, bad-tempered old masters and imperious vamps raucously co-exist at the party rapidly deteriorating inside Anthony Lister’s head.

Consistently exhibiting around the world, Anthony Lister’s last shows in Milan and Los Angeles have turned his focus back to the human form and the female figure, his exhibitions largely consisting of ballet dancers. An interesting counterpoint to the recent Degas show in London, Lister presents a much more grimy, rough-hewn, but surprisingly delicate take on the bodies. “I am interested in culture, and society’s judgment systems on culture” he tells us when we ask about why he was drawn to them as a painter. “Ballerinas are kind of like strippers, only they don’t take their clothes off. I’m interested in breaking art. I’m interested in philosophy.”

In 2010, Anthony Lister was named as one of Australia’s 50 most collectable artists by Art Collector Magazine. Anthony Lister also broke his auction record this year when his 2007 piece Spider Woman sold for AUS $20,000. In November this year, Lister exhibited in London and Newcastle at the Outsiders/Lazarides Galleries and was the first to simultaneously occupy both Outsiders galleries since David Choe made his UK debut in 2008.

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