Tweeting about great food is the norm here, but when we throw it on the blog it’s the exception.  UPSTAIRS on the second floor of Mercedes-Benz Connection in Roppongi is a combination of great food, service and ambience which rarely translates to casual dining these days.  It’s comfortable enough to bring a date, kids or your grandma and the chilled staff won’t give you the evil eye for dressing like you’re from Cali.  Looking around the room we saw creatives in Uniqlo, a family with small kids dressed in Burberry (is that legal?) and a group of middle aged ladies waiting for their husbands to finish drinking at Seventh Heaven down the street.

Christmas decorations were up and it happened to be Tokyo Motor Show special menu night.

What’s on the top of their Christmas tree? Yep…

This dish is missing a few things like…

bruschetta on squid ink bread,

avocado pizza,

pasta 1,

pasta 2,

fried chicken,



and steak.  The nachos and Ceasar salad with onsen egg were long gone.

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