When curating a group show with 60 some international artists, there’s always a number of must have artists in the back of your mind who you know will excite fans and inspire the art community.  As a collective, the diverse group of talent creates a positive vibe for the whole art scene, but no doubt there’s also anticipation to see artwork from certain artists.  So when BATES, one of the most talented graffiti writers today, expressed interest in painting a hat, we knew there would be ooos and ahhs.  As we waited for his hat to come back, a few artists backed out because it was too difficult to paint a hat and others went AWOL right after they received them…yes we checked tracking.  A female artist wanted return postage…in cash…US currency…so we went along with it and now the hat’s gone, the money’s gone…she recently added us on a social network, but still ignores our email. 

A few months went by and nothing from BATES. 

Another artist asked for his third hat because the first two disappeared…uhh ooookay we agreed to send it because there was genuine interest from the guy but it was actually genuine stupidity from us.  The hat never made it back.  After that we decided we might grovel but we won’t beg the artists to send hats back.  Two months ago we wrote off the missing hats as losses and shipped an impressive collection of painted hats to Hong Kong, without a hat from BATES.

So the artwork was complete and ready to be shown, but venue scheduling conflicts kept pushing the date later.  While waiting for a summer date to be fixed, a package arrived from Sweden.  Inside was a hat from BATES and a note about it getting lost and finally arriving at our office.  Maybe divine intervention, but definitely a class act.  Check out his blog and shop.

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