Thought I’d share some forgotten flicks taken a couple of days before the Japan disaster.  March 9th, started the day having drinks with Mark Goss at Tokyo Apartment Cafe in Harajuku.

Dropped by Gallery Target to say hi to Tomoko and check out Yuri Shibuya’s exhibition “Idlers Rest”.  Tomoko was coordinating Mr. Brainwash’s exhibition and live painting event, which we were sponsoring with Montana Cans, before it got cancelled.

Passed some Lady Gaga for Supreme posters shot by Terry Richardson.  Japan’s young generation hard at work being productive and putting their skills to good use in Harajuku.

Continuing towards Shibuya, I came across a new shop called Only Free Paper.  They gather and distribute hundreds of free publications…that’s it.  So how does a shop like this, located in central Tokyo, generate revenue or even pay the rent?  The owner had no idea.

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