theroyalbreed FLICKS

Totally slacking with the blog because we’ve been working on two shows for Hong Kong and a few fun projects.  Those of you obsessed with what we do are probably following us on twitter anyway.  Enjoy the flicks. Tweet

theroyalbreed FLICKS


theroyalbreed THE EXPERIMENT

Anthony Lister at Project Room in Berlin. Tweet


Ever wonder what it’s like to take a roadtrip across the US? How about with 500 cans of Montana Black and graffiti artists Wane, Sever, Smash 137, and Ruedione?  If you live in Japan and feel inspired after watching the video below, pick up some cans of Montana spray paint from our webshop and get busy. [...]

theroyalbreed BUENES NACHOS

So Frijoles has always been burrito heaven in Tokyo but there’s been a lot of talk about Aoyama’s Libre Burrito, which opened on April Fool’s Day this year.  Finally had a chance to wolf down their carnitas burrito and it’s tasty.  Let the burrito wars begin. Tweet