theroyalbreed FLICKS (HONG KONG)

Slackin on the blog cause we’ve been busy sorting out inventory for our webshop.  It’s finally open with our complete stock of Montana Cans spray paint and markers. The best quality and prices in Japan…of course you knew that already.  Plenty of other good stuff being added throughout the week.  So here’s the last batch [...]

theroyalbreed NESPRESSO

Tweeted this when I was in Hong Kong, but decided 140 characters wasn’t enough to convey the Nespresso experience I stumbled upon at Elements mall.  Still haven’t tried the coffee yet and I guess seeing it in a couple of hotel rooms and watching George Clooney brew a cup doesn’t really count, but I was [...]

theroyalbreed FLICKS (HONG KONG)


theroyalbreed IT’S HERE

Yuki from Rosebud sent over some photos of our Copyright x Rosebud collaboration ladies tops available in their shops now.  If you’re in Shibuya, it’s right beside the entrance. Tweet

theroyalbreed FLICKS (HONG KONG)

Something new coming to TRB courtesy of Xtina in Hong Kong…it’s about time we brought in a female perspective for the blog.  Tweet

theroyalbreed CANS AND TATTOOS

Connected with Danish writer DOFI, who distributes Montana Cans in Hong Kong and runs Tribal Tattoo.  Is there a better combination in business? Plenty of Montana White. Tattoo artist Tony and friend. Tweet

theroyalbreed MARK GOSS

Received some exhibition flicks and a video from Mark Goss.  Check out his dope paintings on the disc saw blades.  He’s definitely looking forward to coming back and doing more in Japan so get in touch if you have any ideas. Tweet