theroyalbreed FLICKS (HONG KONG)


theroyalbreed START FROM ZERO

Visited shop/gallery Rat’s Cave the other day to meet Hong Kong street artists Dom and Katol from Start From Zero.  If you’ve noticed the stenciled paste ups around town in the past decade, chances are you’ve seen their work.  Had a nice chat about the local market and checked out the dope artwork from Taiwanese artist Bbrother.  [...]

theroyalbreed TO-FU MASTER

Checked out the LCX x DEVILROBOTS exhibition “”The PERFECT 5″ at Harbour City.  Met Shin from Devilrobots around 5 years ago at Gallery Lele…TO-FU OYAKO still going on strong.  Tweet

theroyalbreed TRANSITION

Catch COPE2 on Thursday April 7th in New York at TT Underground Gallery. COPE2 “TRANSITION” SOLO ART EXIBITION from KWEENZ DESTROY on Vimeo. Tweet

theroyalbreed FLICKS (HONG KONG)


theroyalbreed EMPTY

A devastating tsunami triggered by a magnitude 9 earthquake that has left Japan with an unprecedented nuclear emergency.  “Japan is facing its worst crisis in the 65 years since the end of World War II” – Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan Tweet

theroyalbreed OUT AND ABOUT

While Mark Goss continues to conquer Japan, here are some  flicks to give you a taste of what’s coming up at his solo show in Osaka.  I spy Hiroshima’s SUIKO. Tweet

theroyalbreed CAN CAN

If you follow our tweets you’ll know the new Montana Cans shipment arrived in Tokyo and finally cleared customs.  We’ve become a pop-up Costco with boxes of spray paint and markers stacked throughout the office.  The good news is we’ve decided to go retail.  Yup probably the most exciting news you’ve heard all day!  After [...]