theroyalbreed SUBZERO

Sometimes it just gets too busy or too cold to leave the office. Tweet

theroyalbreed 18

Dropped by the Rosebud office this afternoon.  Yep we’re excited to be a part of their 18th anniversary celebration.  5 designs and 2 colorways for 2 of the designs from the UK artist we hooked up for this collaboration.  Working on translating the artist profile before the party kicks off next month. Tweet

theroyalbreed UNPEELED

Copyright sent over some stickers along with something else…you’ll know soon enough. Tweet

theroyalbreed FLICKS



With the shift in consumer spending power to the newly wealthy Chinese, it’s no surprise that a western gallery of the Gagosian magnitude would be attracted to Hong Kong.  Is there a better way to celebrate conspicuous consumption than to have Damien Hirst’s “For Heaven’s Sake,” a life-size human baby skull cast in diamonds, on display at [...]

theroyalbreed FOR SALE

Random web surfing and stumbled upon our original company domain listed for sale.  $1395…must be our impeccable corporate image.  If you’ve been with us from the beginning, you’ll know that our current domain name is just the old one with kk (co., ltd. for Japanese companies) added to it.  Why did we change it?  The guy [...]


Have you seen Hong Kong on a map?  It’s a dot.  Hong Kong is home to over 7 million people…yes 7 million. Tweet

theroyalbreed STEPPING ON TOES

Capped off 2010 in Hong Kong, an amazing city of bright lights, delicious food and inspirational stories, but now it’s 2011 in Tokyo and there’s things to do. Tweet