theroyalbreed NOT ON KINDLE

As if you didn’t already know, we’ve stocked the latest issues of UK’s most popular urban art magazine, VNA (featuring ROA and EINE), at your favorite retailers in Japan.  Yes obviously Tsutaya and Tower Records, but don’t forget to vist the mom and pop shops who keep it real…otherwise they will end up like HMV [...]

theroyalbreed FLICKS


theroyalbreed BEIJING PART 2

If you’ve ever wondered why California-based Hot Dog on a Stick can’t break into the China market, scroll down for the answer. These baby scorpion like suckers in the forefront were still squirming on the stick…not sure if you’re supposed to eat it raw. Tweet

theroyalbreed ADRENALINE

Just got the heads up from Madrid 24/7 Team that their European subway graffiti DVD is ready for release later this month or early January.  Another promo trailer is in the works. Tweet


Even if you don’t know anything about architecture, you would still recognize Frank Gehry’s signature style.  There’s a reason why people travel halfway around the world to look at a building. Tweet

theroyalbreed THE OPPOSITE HOUSE

The Kengo Kuma-designed boutique hotel, The Opposite House, in Beijing.  That small counter in the wall of Chinese medicine cabinet drawers is where you check in. Tweet


French writer JWOA is having a show on the 10th.  Check it out if you’re in the area. Tweet

theroyalbreed BEIJING

Yeah it’s been a minute since the last post.  I could tell you our online shop was hacked or the PC burned out (3rd Japanese PC in so many years) or I was scaling The Great Wall of China, but it’s easier to just blame it on the convenience of Twitter. Tweet