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Peter at The Peninsula Tokyo is one of those lounges where there’s just the right amount of people on any given afternoon to let you comfortably get away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo life for a couple hours.   If it takes sipping cocktails and staring out floor to ceiling windows on the 24th [...]

theroyalbreed FLICKS


theroyalbreed HAT TRICK

Here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come at our Hats Off show in Hong Kong, starting with SKOPE (Kings Destroy) Singapore. MR JAGO (Art-el Gallery) UK SAX (Stick Up Girlz) Spain 45RPM (Art-el Gallery) UK MUNK ONE USA Tweet

theroyalbreed KPOPPIN

I was bummin around Midtown and came across  some girls called Brown Eyed Girls rehearsing on stage (crappy iPhone flick below).  Little did I know at the time that they’re one of the many popular Kpop groups that’s been invading Japan.  Which reminded me that last year while the crew was in Harajuku with UK artist Copyright [...]

theroyalbreed HONG KONG PART 4


theroyalbreed GOING RETAIL

So the powers that be finally decided that we needed to open an online store after the umpteenth guy looking for Montana spray paint in Japan told us he didn’t live near any of the graffiti or art shops that we supply. Besides Gap just opened their first internet shop outside the USA with H&M [...]

theroyalbreed ARE THEY LISTENING?

TellThem from Indonesia sent over some flicks of his recent work.  I like the simplicity of his anonymous character…maybe a Hello Kitty collaboration?  Catch him in Germany at the Jouwe Custom Show. Tweet

theroyalbreed LE VIDEO

My (French)man JWOA sent over this video of FHK getting up on the tracks…something you won’t see happening in Singapore anymore hehe. Saw a bunch of ORSEK (FHK) tags and throw ups when I was in Hong Kong. Tweet


Popped into Gallery Kawamatsu last week to meet Tom and Craig aka STATIC.  They’re visiting Japan for the first time and slapping mini versions of their Chinook Chandelier around town.  If you’re gonna be in Hong Kong for our Hats Off show, you’ll recognize the STATIC hat. Some nice artwork (and air conditioning) in the [...]