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theroyalbreed KUNLE @ ALIFE TOKYO

Kunle aka EARSNOT of IRAK at ALIFE Tokyo. Tweet

theroyalbreed SINGAPORE PART 2

Met TRASE at Plaza Singapura where the Singapore Street Festival was taking place.  Live music, graffiti, and cosplay…strike a pose. Tweet

theroyalbreed LE GRAFFITI

French artists JWOA and KRAP are featured on the Montana Cans blog. Tweet

theroyalbreed SINGAPORE

Had a good time in Singapore – delicious food, friendly people, and talented artists.  Connected with a few local writers but ran out of time to meet others.  The illegal scene is pretty much non-existant with the recent MRT incident making things worse for graffiti heads.  There’s still an international manhunt going on for the [...]

theroyalbreed FLICKS


theroyalbreed DISTRO

If you’ve been following me on Twitter (iPhone pics look familiar?), you’ll know it’s been crazy distribution week with the new Montana Black spray cans now available in Japan along with new cool looking aluminum cased Aluperm black markers and the ever so popular Psycho Black Bombing markers restocked. Also VNA issues 10 (D*Face) and [...]