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theroyalbreed SLEAZE

Checked out the PUTS exhibition Sleaze at Kojimachi Gallery after hearing about it from QP.  It was impressive…kinda like a PUTS R Us with all the toys and sticker art.  Fun stuff.  Also bumped into TENGA and PELON.  Tweet

theroyalbreed GOT SEOUL PART 3

Last batch of flicks from Seoul. Tweet

theroyalbreed MAD WALL PROJECT

My man MHAK sent over some flicks (courtesy of CBCNET) of his dope wall in Matsudo with ZEDZ and OEIL. Tweet

theroyalbreed INSA & VNA

Can’t wait for this one to drop from VNA. INSA and VNA from Make Some Tea on Vimeo. Tweet

theroyalbreed WARP MAGAZINE MAY 2010

The latest issue of Warp Magazine with Japanese bad boy snowboarder Kazuhiro Kokubo on the cover features four of our products.  Anthony Lister’s book “Tales of White Trash Prophecy”, Quintin, Stay True, and Montana Gold markers.  Time to go shopping… Tweet

theroyalbreed GOT SEOUL PART 2

More Seoul flicks.  Interesting juxtaposition of foreign money exchange and ladies shoes. Tweet