Bloomberg closes out the year in art with Koons, Hirst prices drop 50%.  Sucks to be them.  Play the game with integrity and we will all take things to new heights in 2010.  Thanks to everyone for a great 2009.  Happy New Year. Tweet

theroyalbreed かいてたべる

ESOW’s characters are just plain sick.  Painted in all kinds of positions on walls, shutters, street signs, canvases – they’re like the Kama Sutra guy only without the sex and the girl. He also went all out with his custom painted hat for our last show.  It ain’t New Era baby. Catch ESOW and NEIM’s [...]

theroyalbreed FRIDAY PHOTOS


theroyalbreed HATS OFF REVISITED

Finally got photos of all the incredible looking custom painted hats from our Hats Off exhibition onto Flickr. Tweet

theroyalbreed PARLOR ADULT

Checked in on Daisuke aka DISKAH at The Last Gallery.  Parlor Adult with DOPESAC runs until January 22nd. Tweet

theroyalbreed FRIDAY PHOTOS


theroyalbreed WITH SOUL

ECKA puts up some insane looking portraits.  Tokyo just doesn’t have enough legal walls to make murals out of.  It’s a shame. Tweet

theroyalbreed CORPORATE JAPAN 101

Those of you who have studied Japan beyond the pages of Hypebeast know that corporate Japan is structured as a group of interdependent companies with separate identities.  Mad Foot! is under Itochu, realmadHECTIC belongs to World, Silas is a part of B’s International, and so on.  It’s survival of the richest while the cash continues [...]

theroyalbreed FRIDAY PHOTOS


theroyalbreed UP IN SMOKE

At SMOKE in the Bulgari building with VIX.  Nice little joint where things happen. Tweet