theroyalbreed HAPPY HALLOWEEN


theroyalbreed FRIDAY PHOTOS


theroyalbreed SPRING/SUMMER 2010

Quintin’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection looking hot. Tweet

theroyalbreed GINZA AT NIGHT


theroyalbreed ONE NITE ONLY

Checked out the group exhibition One Nite Only with SENSE, TADAOMI SHIBUYA, VIX, KAZ, LU, ESOW, NOVOL, BAKIBAKI, and MAKO. VIX wearing Quintin in front of his collaboration with ESOW. Model Sakiko, SENSE, May, and TRIP looking comfy. Tweet

theroyalbreed AOYAMA TUNNEL

Just passing through after a late night out. Tweet

theroyalbreed HELLO

BAKIBAKI rocking Quintin. Tweet

theroyalbreed NOT QUITE THERE


theroyalbreed PACK IT UP

Headed over to the SAG office to chat with Yoshi.  They’re the guys who make bags that actually do more than just hold your junk. I could have sworn there was a table here last time… Tweet

theroyalbreed LOOKING FOR A PLACE

Met with Gallery Conceal to see if their space would be good for an upcoming event. Tweet