theroyalbreed SHELF LIFE

Inside SANTASTIC!, one of the brands we chose to feature in Acclaim Magazine’s latest Global Style Guide. Tweet

theroyalbreed FRESH AS EVER

Kicked it with RONE (Everfresh Studio) who’s visiting from Melbourne. His ladies remind me of the Dennis Mukai prints I had on my walls throughout my late college years.   It was a transition period, out of the dorms and into an apartment.  Leather couch, Bose speakers, and Herb Ritts on the glass coffee table.   Mukai replaced the swimsuit-clad Cindy, [...]

theroyalbreed EVERYDAY PEOPLE

The night started out at the Stillas office where Taka and I were chatting about a couple of upcoming events I’ve been working on for the past two months.  The logistics planning with 50 some artists, made worse by returned packages and other delays, has been insane.  Later we met up with artist Ben Mori [...]

theroyalbreed CITY LIFE

A moment to pause. Tweet


A lost package and a couple style adjustments later, our Anthony Lister x Stillas collaboration tshirts dropped over the weekend.  These look so good they could be framed and hung on a wall.  Needless to say, Stillas is a big supporter of our urban art and graffiti movement in Japan.  Keep an eyeout for more [...]

theroyalbreed GOT SEOUL

Caught up with Artime Joe and Jay Flow from South Korea’s JNJ Crew after their Seoulmates Tour across Europe.  Together with Korean artist day-z and his friend, we chatted over drinks in Shibuya’s Wired Cafe. Tweet

theroyalbreed FRIDAY PHOTOS


theroyalbreed FRIDAY PHOTOS


theroyalbreed NEVER FOREVER

Copyright’s first London solo show at The Art Lounge coming up on the 17th.  Tweet


Anthony Lister at New Image Art in Los Angeles on the 12th. Tweet