Launching July 20th – mark your calendars. Tweet

theroyalbreed TOP NATION

Dropped by Top Nation, one of our Montana retailers, to catch up on things. Tweet

theroyalbreed GOING MAD HECTIC

Connected again with Tsutomu at realmad HECTIC.  Last time we met was to coordinate the Global Style Guide for Acclaim. A closer look at the Phil Frost painting in the back of the room… and that is a classic Kaws piece from the 90s way before the Medicom Be@rbrick and A Bathing Ape collaborations.  Painted in-store during [...]

theroyalbreed NO WIN SITCH

Anthony Lister’s exhibition, No Win Sitch, in Sydney for one night. Tweet

theroyalbreed KIKS ASS

Nice to see Hiroki and Ro of KIKS TYO again.  Busy as usual pairing girls with sneakers.  They moved into a new place a couple months ago and now their warehouse is right below the office. Yuzuki Aikawa Hall of Fame tshirt. Tweet

theroyalbreed FRIDAY PHOTOS


theroyalbreed WHAT’S THIS?

If you don’t know, you will soon. Tweet