theroyalbreed A DIFFERENT CLOTH

Headed over to United Arrows for a meeting with Shoji and Poggy Master X. Some uncomfortable chairs and very large furniture in the meeting room. Tweet

theroyalbreed FOR THE LADIES

A meeting at Rose Bud for some show and tell.  My feminine energy is just not well balanced, the yang without the yin, the animus without the anima…you get the point…so whenever we have the opportunity to introduce a ladies brand/product into the Japanese market, we give Yuki a call. After the meeting Yuki showed [...]

theroyalbreed WORK

A couple planned shows for this month got cancelled so just staying busy with the distribution side of business. Tweet

theroyalbreed FRIDAY PHOTOS



D*Face wallet from Stillas. Lighter and stickers from Hectic. Tee from Santastic.  Here’s the front and some Japanese humor on the back.  Thanks guys but I think this one stays in the closet. Tweet

theroyalbreed TETE A TETE

Had a drink with Seigo who runs Gypsy Eyes and represents Souled Out Studios in Japan.  He’s bringing Beejoir and Mau Mau over next month so you know the walls of Tokyo are going to see some color.  Our talk about collaborating on projects turned to the politics behind art.  The things you don’t see, the [...]

theroyalbreed NEXT PAGE

Copyright’s photo shoot with Custom Lowriding from last month is hitting the stands soon.  Montana and Stillas, just because… Tweet


I’ve never been a fan of Gundam but this is pretty damn impressive.  Smack right in the center of Tokyo a 59-foot tall robot.  We got there an hour after the lights went out so these pics were all taken in the dark. Tweet

theroyalbreed FRIDAY PHOTOS