theroyalbreed JUST IN

Picked up samples of our new artist x brand collaboration products.  Off to the artist for approval. Tweet

theroyalbreed JUST A GIRL

A couple of the many sexy characters from SHIRO, a member of our Montana family. Tweet

theroyalbreed MONTANA TARBLACK 500ML

The new generation 500ml low pressure TARBLACK stealth cans from Montana with a new rich deep black formula are on their way to Japan. Tweet

theroyalbreed FEMININE TOUCH

Miss 17 showing Tokyo some love. Tweet

theroyalbreed ANOTHER VISIT

Remember last month I mentioned this obscure shop I found in Harajuku with perfect white walls and big name neighbors? Bounty Hunter hanging out next door. Kwanzaa having a smoke. A foreign production crew doing something down the street. UPDATE: The whole entourage walked past us a few times to check out the area but [...]

theroyalbreed SMILE

We arranged a photo shoot for Copyright with Custom Lowriding.  Koji will be writing up the interview.  Check it out in next month’s issue. Tweet

theroyalbreed CUSTOM LOWRIDING AUGUST 2009

Just received a copy of the latest issue of Custom Lowriding magazine featuring Acclaim’s Estevan Oriol Collector Kit. Tweet

theroyalbreed THE MAIN EVENT

Copyright’s solo Tokyo show, Fight of the Paper Tiger, kicks off with a fully stocked bar at Axxcis.  Working the crowd. Hey it’s Dante Carver from the Softbank commercials. The moment everyone’s been waiting for, Copyright in action. Gathering for Copyright’s second live painting session. A strong turnout, everyone’s happy…you’d think the night would start [...]

theroyalbreed ROSES ARE RED

Tokyo’s blooming with Copyright’s roses.   A total of 13 around Shibuya and Harajuku. Tweet

theroyalbreed PARTOUZE TAIPEI

The adventures of Yone and REACH hit Taipei on the 26th with the final leg of their Partouze exhibition. Tweet