The best perk of this job is hanging out and watching artists in action.  Back to basics with cans of Montana (what else?) and a wall.  Making it happen on legal exterior walls in prime areas of Tokyo is nearly impossible but that’s what we do.  Besides there’s no better way to promote an artist in [...]

theroyalbreed KWANZAA

Walked into a new shop called Kwanzaa that opened up next to Bounty x Hunter.  The owner is a nice guy who pretty much runs everything by himself.  It surprises me how in this kind of an economy a completely unknown local brand can open shop in a prime location and expect to survive.  However [...]

theroyalbreed FOREVER IN LINE

Japan sets another record for the most number of people away from the office on a Friday afternoon.  Where are they?  In line to get into Forever 21. Tweet

theroyalbreed A BIKE

Passed by a nice looking Cinelli on my way to lunch at Rigoletto in Roppongi Hills. Comfortable seats, good ambience, and a classic burger with coke. Tweet

theroyalbreed AUDREY KAWASAKI

Checked out Audrey Kawasaki‘s show Watching Shadow at Space Yui.  Incredibly beautiful artwork.  Ito, who was there helping out, told me the turnout on opening night was good with more foreigners than Japanese.  Yeah figures, heard it many times before…Japanese don’t buy art.  Myth or reality??? Tweet

theroyalbreed IN AND OUT

We spent the afternoon with Stillas talking about a new project and plans to showcase their latest collection with our upcoming exhibition.  These guys run a tight ship and make decisions fast.  Passed QP along the way. A lot of DENSE stickers around town but these large paste ups I came across on my way [...]

theroyalbreed HERE AND THERE

Checked out the Selector show organized by Masa at PLSMIS.  Bumped into Satoru (Komposition), Risa, Emar, Tenga, and Moriguchi (Ollie). Then it was off to the FTC event at Axxcis to see the Storytellers.  No pictures allowed so here’s the scenic route from PLSMIS to Axxcis. Tweet

theroyalbreed KATSU

After years of overrated products in the Japanese market from the usual suspects who think their lack of creativity can be veiled by colorways, it’s nice to finally see some fresh graffiti on the streets of Tokyo.  Say hello to KATSU from NYC. Tweet

theroyalbreed VARIATION



Most of Japan is still on Golden Week holiday but you know what?  It’s no longer a job when you are good at what you enjoy doing and others benefit from your efforts. Tweet