theroyalbreed WALKING AROUND


theroyalbreed ALL SET

Late meeting with Axxcis and Stillas to confirm final details for our upcoming event.  Flyers go out next week. Tweet

theroyalbreed PRINT AWARENESS

Acclaim Magazine issue 16 drops today in Japan.  One of the few magazines out there still worth its value in print.  Tweet

theroyalbreed DOARAT

Had a meeting with Doarat, one of the long-standing Harajuku brands that was started in 1997.  Actually they’ve been around since 1987 when they had a shop in Laforet called Celluloid. Kenji and Akashi with their Hedorah, Rody, and various collaborations behind them. Close-up on the Doarat x Hedorah mini figures. Tweet

theroyalbreed OYKOTOKYOYKOT

Met QP aka La Querencia Peligrosa at Last Gallery and checked out his photo exhibition OYKOTOKYOYKOT.  Good stuff.  Interesting to see a different side of QP.  His shirt says it all… A few classic pieces around Tokyo.  Yep he owns the city. Tweet


Headed out to the opening reception for Fareast Riceball Furies group show which featured hand painted/decorated baseball bats from the big names in Japanese graffiti. PAIONE ESOW CASPER SUIKO WANTO SECT KRESS DEM From the left BELx2, Ben Mori, and QP. VIX Yugo from Body Glove and VIX. Tweet

theroyalbreed PAINT IT BLACK

Montana rocks Japan with 1400+ cans of Gold and Black.  Available now at your friendly neighborhood graffiti supply shop. Tweet

theroyalbreed TAKE THE STAIRS


theroyalbreed PARTOUZE HONG KONG

Alongside Yonehara Yasumasa aka Yone, REACH is giving the rest of Asia a taste of Taiwanese graffiti.  Done with Shanghai he storms into Hong Kong next with PARTOUZE.  Solo in Tokyo?  Wait and see… Tweet

theroyalbreed VHILS

Alex Farto aka Vhils sent over his latest work Scratching The Surface.  This guy is in a class of his own.  It goes without saying that his beautiful pieces are stunning and mind blowing.  Japan, get ready for more. Tweet