theroyalbreed COPYRIGHT x STILLAS

COPYRIGHT and his hot ladies hit Japan with the Stillas collaboration we whipped up for their Summer 2009 Collection.  Awesome looking wallets and line of tshirts. Tweet

theroyalbreed SUIKO, EMAR, AND INSA

A couple weeks ago I heard from Risa (Gas) that SUIKO and EMAR were going to work on a wall together in Shibuya. Well waddaya know…INSA included.  That’s INSA, SUIKO, and EMAR in the background with PELON and TENGA watching in the foreground. EMAR SUIKO EMAR had to take off so the piece is unfinished. [...]

theroyalbreed INSA AND SUIKO

So SUIKO calls from Hiroshima and says he’s going to be in Tokyo to paint with INSA.  We tell SUIKO we’re arranging a club wall (turned out to be AMRAX)  for INSA.  SUIKO asks if he can join in.  The pics below say the rest. SUIKO INSA Mayumi (AMRAX) and Kousuke. Tweet

theroyalbreed SIGHTS

Creepy looking anal guy in a tux looking for accomodation in Roppongi or Hiroo. Tweet

theroyalbreed KNOCK KNOCK

Dropped by to say hi to the Stillas guys.  Takafumi and INSA at Grope In The Dark.  Tweet

theroyalbreed SPANKIN’ NEW COLORS

A peek at what’s to come. Tweet

theroyalbreed LOITERING

Had a drink with my buddy in Shibuya and was snapping the night scene on the way home when I bumped into 2 familiar faces.  Satoko and Ami – hardest working headhunters in the city leaving the office late.  Need a job? Tweet

theroyalbreed WITHOUT TOM YAM

Had lunch with INSA and Emma at one of my favorite Thai restaurants, Elephant Cafe in Harajuku.  Got a first look at the new Autumn/Winter 2009 collection of INSA HEELS to be released in July.  Tshirt from INSA. Nice day for a photo shoot nearby. Tweet

theroyalbreed CHECK IT OUT

Had drinks with Risa (Gas As Interface) and Masa (en one tokyo) then chilled at Masa’s office.  He has a sweet collection of prints including lots of classic stuff – Kostas, Bast, Aiko, Nick Walker, Shepard Fairey, and more.  Always a pleasure to exchange thoughts with Tokyo’s creative minds. Peep the Damien Hirst x Supreme [...]


Takafumi of Stillas and Kousuke.  We have been working with Stillas to develop their new label Artsource.  A lot of exciting things coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Tweet