theroyalbreed STOP AND EKYS


theroyalbreed IN PRINT

Working with Japan’s leading urban culture/fashion/art magazines lets us promote talent to the masses.  After coordinating the INSA feature for Ollie we received the rough draft to look over for next month’s issue.  Side by side with ESOW and a shout out to VNA on the bottom left. Tweet

theroyalbreed DOWN THE STREET

Pass Axxcis then AMRAX, another block or two on the other side of the tracks…WANTO and QP. Tweet

theroyalbreed AXXCIS

Met with Yuka and Mayumi of Axxcis to discuss our upcoming event. Tweet

theroyalbreed GONE AGAIN

The Aoyama tunnel, with WANTO and SAYM on one side and NECK FACE and Bigfoot on the other, getting buffed again.  Looks like they used some kind anti-graffiti coating last time. Tweet

theroyalbreed WARP MAGAZINE JUNE 2009

The latest issue of Warp Magazine with our Anthony Lister contribution dropped today.  Tweet

theroyalbreed LAST DAY

After drinks with Masa (en one) in Shibuya, I went to check out the SUIKO, EMAR, and INSA piece from last week and was surprised to run into EMAR still hard at work.  Dedication. Tweet

theroyalbreed NOT HAPPY WITH BNE?

Looks like someone gave up on removing BNE stickers and found a way to coexist. Tweet

theroyalbreed ONE TOO MANY

Drinking and driving is pretty much a non-issue in Tokyo but drinking and taking the train is a whole different story. Tweet


Check this out.  I’ve always liked this funny looking Chinese ghost like character with the QP mustache but… I never thought much about this escalator guy who started popping up in all the usual sticker spots around Tokyo. Until this happened… Tweet