theroyalbreed WARP MAGAZINE MAY 2009

Back in Tokyo.  We arranged for Japan’s spray paint of choice Montana Cans and VNA (Very Nearly Almost) to be featured in the graffiti section of the latest issue of Warp Magazine.   In stores now. Tweet

theroyalbreed TAIPEI DAY 6

Least expected to see tags from Phibs and Logan Hicks in a neighborhood laundromat far from any action.  Probably from K-Spray a few years back. On my way to meet Shadowgraph in Shihlin near Taipei’s largest and oldest night market.  Looking very Shibuya. Some KEA and BOUNCE pieces inside Shadowgraph. Had a nice chat with Aska [...]

theroyalbreed BACK TO XI MEN DING

Whether it’s for the bus, ramen, Bape, or the heck of it, Japan is hands down the country of long lines.  That is until I came across this line outside Xi Men Ding Starbucks.  Starbucks??? Xi Men Ding is the staple of urban culture and graffiti in Taipei complete with that feeling of raw energy [...]


REACH took me to Greyone Arsenal (Crooks & Castles and Soul Assasins).  Showed me his wall at the entrance and introduced Ben. Greedy Genius. Bernard of Huayi Brothers visiting from Shanghai and Ben. Jimmy of Invincible (Original Fake) is next door. Dropped by Alien Evolution Studio (Bounty Hunter) and met David. Didn’t have enough time [...]

theroyalbreed TAIPEI DAY 5

Had a drink with REACH in East District and chatted about  having an exhibition in Japan.  The last time he visited was two years ago so it’s about time. A fun pack of stuff and Tooya from REACH.  Tooya (graffiti in Chinese)  is a hardback comprehensive compilation of Taiwanese graffiti put together by REACH.  It [...]

theroyalbreed STILL IN TAICHUNG

Met with Barry who runs both Choking Edge Taipei and Taichung.  They carry Santastic but do a lot more with their own label, Zetetic.  It’s always good to see local brands rise up. Some pics of Taichung graffiti and stickers.  SAYM and CHEK are everywhere. Met up with DABU, SEAZK, and JAN again for a guided walk around. [...]

theroyalbreed VIRUS NO.6 CREW

JAN and BLACK picked me up from the station and took me to meet the rest of VIRUS NO.6 crew at the Xi Men Ding of Taichung (forgot the name but it’s a popular night market close to a university). From left to right (as if it makes a difference): DABU, JAN, AMOS1, SEAZK, and EASY. [...]

theroyalbreed OFF TO TAICHUNG

UDON and SAPH REACH NOE KEA BBROTHER REACH again. Getting ready to hop on the HSR to Taichung for the rest of the day. Tweet

theroyalbreed TAIPEI DAY 4

Spent the morning in East District. Angelababy for 2%. Met with KEA and Stan of SENSE ORGAN at SOL (GARNI and Devilock) before going to Curry Champ for lunch.   Stan is also behind the W-bedo label with Yone. Hong Kong artist Dorophy Tang’s mini-exhibition was around the corner inside Adidas. Tweet

theroyalbreed TAIPEI DAY 3

Visited KEA at his studio and checked out some designs he’s been working on.  His collaboration with Asics Gel Lyte III is featured in the latest issue of Funswant.  A new tshirt design for Stay Real. Hand screened stickers. Went back to Xin Men Ding after dinner for a meeting that got postponed.  Decided to [...]