theroyalbreed RYAN MCGINLEY @ 8/ ART GALLERY

Checked out New York based photographer Ryan McGinley’s Animals at 8/ Art Gallery in Shibuya’s Hikarie.  I’m not big on National Geographic photography but the emotions of the nude models were nicely frozen in time…the human bodies were not bad either. Tweet


Bigfoot’s new limited edition vinyl figure “The Forest Warlord” is now available for pre-sale in our webshop. Get yours and meet Bigfoot in October when he comes to Tokyo for a release and signing session! Follow us on Twitter (@theroyalbreed) for event details and updates. Use the contact form to get in touch with us [...]

theroyalbreed BONOBO BAR

Nestled in the quiet Jingumae neighborhood is Bonobo, a bar/lounge with a laid back vibe. Three floors with a patio on top that’s perfect for warm summer nights. Catch a live DJ set on the first floor or a release party in their second floor tatami room. By the way, the graffiti is by Spanish writers PANTONE [...]


Big thanks to Connecting The Dots for providing us with their space in Shibuya.  PANTONE and SPOK, two of the most recognizable names in the Spanish graffiti scene were in Tokyo putting our Montana Cans spray paint to good use.  The show brought together local writers, architects, fine artists, designers, corporate suits and even a fighter…you [...]

theroyalbreed PANTONE & SPOK @ YOYOGI PARK

Nothing quite beats an evening of graffiti in the park.  Headed over to Yoyogi with PANT and SPOK last night to get started on the canvases so our event at Connecting The Dots would not turn into a fumigation.  Different styles and influences but the passion is the same. You know it’s a good thing when people [...]

theroyalbreed PANTONE & SPOK TOKYO

If you happen to be in Tokyo on the 7th, join us for a fun evening of graffiti and live painting with Spanish writers PANTONE and SPOK at Connecting The Dots in Shibuya.   Tweet


Deep in the heart of industrial Hong Kong, actually Kowloon, lies the Start From Zero studio.  Their elevator reminds me of my old place in Berkeley…if you don’t get out before someone pushes the button on another floor, you get to look like an idiot when your neighbor walks in. Be better than IKEA. If a cluttered [...]

theroyalbreed SHIRO

Hanging out with graffiti artist Shiro at Wired Cafe in Shibuya.  Those shades are for a charitable Save Japan project, which will accompany an upcoming photo shoot.  She’s doing a lot of amazing things and did you know she’s a licensed nurse? Cool figure and yeah she’s also one of our Montana Cans customers. Tweet

theroyalbreed TERADA MOKEI

Awhile ago at the office of Terada Design Architects to chat with Naoki Terada, creator of Terada Mokei 1/100 Architectural Model Accessories Series. On the right are Nanao and Shoko who take care of the business side of things. You know those amazing paper models of everyday life scenes…scissors, glue, and steady hands not included. Plenty [...]


You’d think being considered the Godfather of graffiti in Singapore is enough accoloade for Skope to shake some cans in your face and disappear behind his various murals and commissioned work.  Nope, this guy beats you hard with a paintbrush as well.  Check out Skope’s new paintings at Parallax Art Fair in London next month. Skope and [...]